About Krissy Faith
Welcome! I am so glad you came! My hope is that here you will find beautiful ideas to use in your journey of healing and healthy living!  I want to inspire you ~~>> to inspire others!
I grew up in Miramar, a small city near Miami that was full of love and life, in the form of amazing friendships.  These friendships and our experiences would ultimatley propel me into a life of encouraging others.  Encourager was a trait that rose up inside of me, when I realized that nobody was going to save me from my own nightmares.  I had to encourage myself.  I saw my friends hurting, afraid, and searching for answers.  I realized at an early age that I would spend the rest of my life helping others see the bright side of suffering; which is to be radically compassionate to those in need.  
My Mom used to say that "some kids bring home stray animals, but Krissy brings home stray kids", so she bought me a daybed so I would always have room for one more.   It is true that I have always had a heart to love others! Goshhhh! My heart just never seems full, there is ALWAYS room for one more love in my life, and five more loves after that.  

​We don't choose pain in life, but it presents itself in many ways.  If you knew all the sordid details of my past abuse, rape, depression, betrayal, and rejection, you might wonder how LOVE so tenderly and mightly rules my heart. The simple truth is that my pain has never defined me.  Instead of letting that pain defeat me; survival and healing have defined my purpose in life. Influenced by God's relentless love for us, I am determined to share my healing journey; to inspire others to BREATHE into a place of forgiveness, healing and new beginnings. 
I was put on this earth to be a light and I just don't know any other way to live, but to shine.  It is my purpose in life to help others reach their full potential...  and that, my new friend, includes you!  It's our time to shine!      
 Krissy Faith  xoxo         

For I have derived much joy and comfort from your love, my brother, because the hearts of the saints have been refreshed through you."    Philemon 1:7

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